So much more than your apartment.

Many seniors are apprehensive about making the move to a senior living community because they believe that they will be moving to a small, cramped space that will limit what they are able to do. While you may not have the second bathroom and third bedroom in your apartment, you will have things you probably didn’t before. Right in the community you will have access to our restaurant, pool, library, game room, theater, and more! Senior living is all about increasing your opportunities and upgrading your living arrangement.

Spend your day enjoying delicious meals cooked just for you, exercising with friends, watching movies in the theater, reading books in the library, and enjoying live entertainment. Then head back to your private apartment and relax in your own space. Your days are yours to do as you please and we have exciting amenities to help you realize your perfect life.

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Fine dining whenever the mood strikes you

Want a burger for breakfast or an omelette for dinner? Our talented Culinary team will whip up whatever strikes your fancy! Have guests? We can take care of them, as well!

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Private Dining

Host your own special occasion

With catering available, it’s supremely easy to bring your loved ones together and share a delicious meal. Fine dining, pizza parties, and everything in between!

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Fitness Center

Exercise for any situation

As we age, we can’t always exercise like we used to. That’s why we have exercise equipment that is senior-friendly and classes that are specifically for residents. Whether you prefer group workouts or a solo session, we have a way for you to get a sweat in.

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Nothing dusty about these tomes

A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone. Choose whatever genre you like best, get cozy in a comfy chair, and keep your mind active and imaginative with a great book by a beloved author. Old or new, a great story is timeless.

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The magic of movies.

There’s nothing quite like watching a story unfold on the big screen. Our theater brings the joy of going to the movies into your own home! Don’t worry about a ticket, we’ve got enough seats for all and the popcorn is on us!

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Outdoor Grounds

Enjoy the sunshine and splendor

Time spent outside is important, which is why our team makes sure that all outdoor areas and walkways are clean and the landscape meticulously cared for. Whether a bright spring day or a brisk autumn afternoon, our outdoor areas are beautiful and perfect for taking a stroll.

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