Regain your livelihood, reclaim your life.

Everyone has a their own unique reasons for considering senior living. Some enjoy the company of like-minded friends. Others need some additional help with cooking, cleaning, and driving. Many need some assistance with personal care as their physical needs increase. VITALIA® is here to serve them all!

Wellness runs to the core of every service and amenity at VITALIA®. We believe in care that involves each personal’s physical, social, and emotional needs.

Pillars to Genuine Quality Care

Successful care of an individual involves a whole team providing for them as a person – not just crossing off needs from a checklist.

Read on to learn more about the core concepts behind personal care services at VITALIA®.

Holistic Care

A strong body is important, but physical health doesn’t mean much if everything else is neglected. We care for a person physically, mentally, and socially, ensuring all needs are addressed.

Personal Choice

Care is about the individual and that includes accommodating residents’ personal preferences. At VITALIA® , we don’t dictate care, we work with each resident to come up with a plan together that suits their lifestyle and habits. Whether you are an early riser or late, prefer showering 2 days or 7, or need full assistance or just a little help, we want to take the time to learn your personal preferences.


Advanced tools for quality results

VITALIA® utilizes technologies that not only help us manage crises when they occur, but oftentimes can alert us to potential events that may happen in the future.